All-in-one restaurant management solution.
With Point of Sale, Kitchen Display System Kiosks, Mobile Ordering Server App, Loyalty, Online Ordering, and Multistore Management, we offer seamless restaurant management experience.

Real-Time Data

Your business in a single screen. You can see every aspect of your restaurant business in real time.
Sales, Order, Payment, Menu, Inventory, Employee, and Customers categories are broken down into multiple detailed reports.

Centralized Reporting

Managing multiple stores is easy with our central server.
You can access all of your store reports from a central server application.

Report Versatility

With Sales Dashboard. You get a bird’s eye view of your business, all without switching screens.
All reports can be emailed and exported into multiple formats.

Multi-Location Reporting

You can drill down into detailed level reports for a single or multiple locations.
You can control access along the chain of command.

Practical Insights

We go above and beyond with our reports by giving you insights on how to save you money, work efficiently and improve your overall business.
With over 90 reports you can do just that.

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