res-self service kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

with Self Checkout!

All-in-one restaurant management solution.
With Point of Sale, Kitchen Display System Kiosks, Mobile Ordering Server App, Loyalty, Online Ordering, and Multistore Management, we offer seamless restaurant management experience.

Intuitive User Interface

User friendly and easy to use kiosk integrates with Point of Sale and Kitchen Display System seemlessly.
Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with our modern kiosk system.
Front of your store is the perfect location for kiosks.

Increase Average Check Size

Extra options can easily be programmed in throughout the ordering process.
Customers can add or remove additional options depending on what they are in the mood for.


The Kiosk is directly integrated to the Point of SaIe, and Kitchen Display System.

Reduce Costs

You can reduce waste and number of order takers by having customers order for themselves.
Easy and user friendly interface makes our kiosk system attendance free.

Reduce Wait Times

Self service technology reduces customer wait times.
Additional kiosks can increase ordering capacity.
With integrated Kitchen Display System customers can view the status of their order.

Increase Productivity

Have your customers order for themselves and improve efficiency at your restaurant by resassigning resources to other tasks.

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